As a successful business consultant, Robert Palano is compelled to share his expertise with an emerging generation of professionals as a mentor. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) concurs that mentoring is very valuable, not just for the protégés, but for the mentors as well. The nation-wide organization identifies several essential tips for developing a successful mentor-protégé relationship.

NAR recommends that potential protégés do their homework and select the best mentor to meet their business goals and needs. In truth, having several mentors to provide coaching on varied business topics may be more valuable than selecting a single mentor for broad advice. In addition, NAR notes that mentor-protégé relationships can be very successful when they are short-term and focused on a single goal or career milestone.

Being a mentor allows a successful individual to take special interest in another professional’s growth. As Robert Palano and other mentors know, fostering others’ knowledge and development is just one way of giving back to the business community.


    Robert Palano leverages his long history of business leadership and operations management and his dedication to faith and community as a passionate and active citizen of the Buffalo, New York, area.


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